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Core sampling
Core Sampling Services, Equipment Used, Drill Bits, Anti-sticking System, Isolating Agent.
Directional Drilling
Telemetry, Measurement While Drilling (MWD), Project Coordination.
Geological and Technological Research
GTI - research in the process of drilling a well, equipment, solution of geological and technological problems.
Downhole Tool Rental
Downhole Motors, Reamers, Stabilizers, Drill Bits, Circulation Subs, and other tools and equipment.
Drilling and Well Workover
Window cutting, isolation of leaks in the production casing using an expandable 'whipstock,' emergency response, inter-string communication elimination, and well workover.
Airtight sealing inside the wellbore, minimizing damages, cup packer, technical characteristics, advantages, and applications.
Our R&D facilities, high-tech equipment and multidisciplinary specialists ensure the highest technical and economic performance and enable us to achieve industry-leading results. We continually invest in research and development and work closely with our customers to improve our products and expand our product range. We are proud to be a leader in well drilling technology and services.
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